A downloadable game for Windows

Every horrible story starts in North Korea and ends in Lootz City.

Become Kim Tzwon Bool who is cursed with the worst anathema possible - in his mind he can constantly see real-time vision of Lootz City.
In order to break free from this misfortune he has to destroy it with atomic bombs.

Save Kim by causing destruction worth at least 4,76 PLN in under 3 minutes.
Use Fresher to attract pedestrians and Beer Can to scare them off.
Avoid launching bombs at American missile defence left by tanks - you can't harm people inside them!

Default Controls:
WASD - Camera Movement
Left Mouse Button - Fire Current Weapon
Mouse Scroll - Zoom In / Out
1 - Choose Atomic Bomb
2 - Choose Air Strike (Click Right Mouse Button to change direction of strike)
3 - Choose Fresher
4 - Choose Beer Can
Escape - Return To Menu

Have fun!


Flavo Dictator 64-bit 37 MB
Flavo Dictator 32-bit 35 MB